Thursday, June 12, 2014

This month at Florida Tales,

Celebrity Visits: Jeannie Days Remembered.

One true story among many others that will be told.

A series of history story telling seminars by Ray Osborne.

Take a journey in time this Wednesday from 8 pm to 9 pm in the movie theater at the beautiful Resort on Cocoa Beach, 1600 North Atlantic Boulevard, Cocoa Beach, Florida. Local storyteller, historian, and author Ray Osborne not only tells it like it was but also seasons his multimedia presentations with humor and awe. There are six separate hour-long presentations in the series.

Ray Osborne has for over six years has entertained audiences at resorts and retirement communities with tales of the rich history and heritage of the Florida. By using historic pictures combined with fascinating and humorous anecdotes, he makes history a fun experience for all the family.

It was 43 years ago this  June 27 that newspaper readers in Orlando read about the celebrity visit of Barbara Eden (star of the I Dream of Jeannie sitcom) to Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. Thus a new community celebration was started - Jeannie Day.

"The first visit of Barbara Eden was on June 27th, 1969, when Brevard commissioner Lee Wenner flew his small aircraft South to Miami to meet up with Barbara Eden the actress that played the character of Jeannie. Lee transported her to Brevard County where he landed his small aircraft at the Merritt Island Airport.
The Florida Today newspaper headline read; "Smiling, Wide-Eyed Jeannie Wows Em in Cocoa Beach." Barbara's first activities in the area was to press a button that launched a weather rocket from Complex 43 at Cape Canaveral, and then to be the guest of honor in a parade through Cocoa Beach. Later in the evening, she was given a reception at Lee Caron's Carnival Club where she was showered with gifts. The most remarkable gift she was presented was an 8-foot (inert) rocket replica to commemorate the real one she launched earlier in the day."  Excert from Jeannie Days Remembered by Ray Osborne

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